Crafting a Comfortable Home Office

A home office often feels utilitarian (as it should) and generally contains remnants of the room’s original purpose of a guest bedroom. With a few key changes, this area can become more organized, intentional, and attractive. Your home office should be a dedicated space for getting work done; it should be comfortable and a place... Continue Reading →

Creating a Romantic Valentine’s Day at Home

Going out for Valentine’s Day is overrated. Restaurants are loud, crowded, and overpriced, especially on the one night of the year you are practically obligated to spend money on an extra-fancy dinner. Of course, you can’t skip celebrating a holiday reserved for love. It’s so precious to carve out a night dedicated to your partner... Continue Reading →

Energy-Efficient Living Benefits You and the Planet

Energy-conscious everyday living has distinct benefits to your home, family, wallet, and surroundings. Making small changes can contribute to a great change, especially when these patterns are sustained over a long period of time. The obvious benefits include lower utility bills and an increasing return on your investment. In addition, eco-wise options increase your property... Continue Reading →

New Year’s Resolutions for the Home

Our beginning-of-year goals often involve getting fit, being healthier, and spending more time with family, which are all praiseworthy resolutions. However, much can be done at home to increase the health, happiness, and quality of family time spent inside those four walls. Consider decluttering and purging unnecessary items by recycling or donating to local shelters.... Continue Reading →

How to Achieve the Perfect Paint Job

When it’s time to brighten things up, help your new appliances pop, or just create a change of atmosphere, fresh paint is a simple and relatively inexpensive way to make a big difference inside your home. Here are our detailed tips for the perfect paint job to make your home feel renewed and refreshed. Prepare... Continue Reading →

Tips for a Calm and Organized Home

Your home is an oasis. Your home is where you restore yourself, where you decompress, and feel secure. Your home should be a calm space, organized, and uncluttered. In recent years the Danish aesthetic and sensory tradition called hygge has been getting a lot of media coverage in the United States. There is no exact... Continue Reading →

Discovering Your Decorating Style

Jumping into decorating an entire house is no small project. It may be challenging to find the line between personal taste and a structured palette, but a few basic guidelines will keep things looking cohesive. To begin with, pick a place for a first impression. It may be the way the front porch is styled,... Continue Reading →

Designing an Intentional Laundry Room

A laundry room can be a beautiful space that contributes to the function of the home, or a messy corner designated for everyone’s least-favorite chore. To cultivate the former, a few simple additions are key. A shelf in your laundry space and counter over the top of machines provides functional space for folding, stacking, and... Continue Reading →

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