Mirrors Don’t Only Belong on the Wall

Mirrors add light and depth to home decor. They make a small space appear larger, and they create drama without having to spend a lot of money on fine art. We all have a mirror hung above the bathroom sink. Maybe you have a full-length mirror in your bedroom or walk-in closet. But have you... Continue Reading →

Dining Room Tables Are Not One Size Fits All

The dining room table is the place in your home where many meaningful moments occur. Whether your family sits down together for supper every night, or you only host one gathering a year, this is where conversations are had, great meals are shared, and memories are made. When setting out to buy a new table,... Continue Reading →

Cleaning Your Upholstery at Home

The upholstery on your furniture can be one of the first things people see when they walk into your home. Even more importantly, this fabric can hang on to particles, dirt, germs, and grime very easily, no matter how careful you are. Do you really know if your pet is jumping up on the couch... Continue Reading →

Is It Time to Replace your Kitchen Appliances?

The thought of your refrigerator dying isn’t one you want to have. Replacing your dishwasher may mean less time spent washing dishes over again - but is now the time? Kitchen appliances are major investments,  and ones that should last for several years with good reliability. If you’re spending money each year, or even every few... Continue Reading →

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