Crafting a Comfortable Home Office

A home office often feels utilitarian (as it should) and generally contains remnants of the room’s original purpose of a guest bedroom. With a few key changes, this area can become more organized, intentional, and attractive. Your home office should be a dedicated space for getting work done; it should be comfortable and a place to be your most productive.

Do you ever have trouble working from home? Maybe you love the idea of staying in your pajamas and getting work done, but you just can’t seem to focus on the tasks at hand? Or you spend your workday doing laundry or organizing closets. Those are important jobs, but unfortunately, they don’t pay the bills. We have a few ideas for improving the room you call your home office – which probably doubles as closet overflow, toy room, and where you put your mother-in-law when she comes to visit. Here are our expert ideas for making your at-home workspace a room for getting stuff done.

Form and Function

What do you like about your office, and what do you prefer about working from home? If you like sitting up straight in a proper office chair, get one for home! But if your backside could be comfier, then trade out the swivel, Eames knockoff for a cushioned seat, like a wingback chair. Who says you must be stiff and uncomfortable to be successful? A real workspace also requires a real work surface. So, maybe it’s time to swap out the queen-size bed for a daybed, leaving you more room for a big desk. If it’s a guest room only a few days out of the year and a home office the rest, you need to reconceptualize how you appoint the space.

Personalize It

Does your work cubicle make you feel sad and uninspired? Your at-home workspace doesn’t have to be the same! Imagine what you could accomplish if your office was vibrant and filled with objects and images you love. At your office, you have a single family photo and a plant that, let’s face it, isn’t doing so great. Fill your home office with light, natural light, warm lamps with full-spectrum bulbs, and plants, either easy or artificial, so that you can breathe while you work. Add art that makes you feel good, creative and your highest self. Make a blank wall a gallery of family photos, vacations, and memories, so you always can look up and see exactly who and what you are working so hard for.

Organizational Elements

The best thing your office has going for it (besides the free tacos on Tuesday) is supplies! Your place of business is probably outfitted with the right kind of power strips, drawers, folders, closet full of pens and notepads, copy machine, and all the other appliances for efficiency and productivity. With a little planning and investment, you can outfit your home office with all the things you need at your fingertips or stored away for when you need them. Clean, edit, and make room for great work.

Your home office can be as organized as it is comfortable, for the ultimate place for your work/life balance. Mitten’s Home Appliance has everything your home office requires.

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