Creating a Romantic Valentine’s Day at Home

Going out for Valentine’s Day is overrated. Restaurants are loud, crowded, and overpriced, especially on the one night of the year you are practically obligated to spend money on an extra-fancy dinner. Of course, you can’t skip celebrating a holiday reserved for love. It’s so precious to carve out a night dedicated to your partner and to the very concept of romantic love. But our idea is to celebrate at home. Instead of performing Valentine’s Day for the public, stay in and make it extra sweet and sentimental. Spend the night in your everyday home, but elevate your space so it feels transcendent. Check out some of our awesome ideas for a Valentine’s date in the comfort and privacy of your home.


Did you honeymoon on a magical island in Greece? Have you always dreamed of seeing the lights of Paris together? Transform your home into the destination of your ardent desire. If you can’t afford a getaway this year, bring the escape of travel home. Food is always an important part of a cozy date. The meal is a sort of flirtation, a way to bond, connect, and share sensations. Cook or cater dinner with the meals you love from your favorite far-flung place. A cheese plate is easy, and reminiscent of a dream date in Europe. Make coconut shrimp to harken back to the Caribbean vacation of your 20s. You could even get takeout from your favorite diner, if you want to get nostalgic about when you were young and spent all night drinking coffee and discussing the universe and your plans in it. Make it meaningful to you, no matter what you do. Add cute decorations to evoke a sense of place, or bring out a souvenir or another token of your life, either a shared past or a longed-for future destination. Keep those dreams alive, and the passion of your romance will again be rekindled.

Breakfast in Bed

Maybe your partner is expecting a nice dinner at your favorite local restaurant. Or she knows she’ll get a box of chocolates and a teddy bear delivered at work. What if you surprised your love with breakfast in bed and a homemade card? Start the morning with a full display of attention and affection, and change the course of the day. Traditions are important, but the element of surprise is so key to keeping a long-term relationship vital and exciting. Sneak in a bouquet of flowers, strawberries dipped in chocolate, mimosas, or a tray of pastries. Give the person with whom you love spending your life a morning of pampering in your own pretty, cozy bedroom. We all would like a little more time in bed, a little more time with the one we love. The positive, warm feeling will begin early and last all day.

Spa Date

A relaxing trip to the spa is a decadent treat not always possible for a family on a budget. You can create a spa night at home with a bubble bath, scented oils, and a foot massage, and allow your spouse to relax, and indulge in feeling totally cared for.

You’ve put so much into your home – your time, money, and attention. You always want more time there, when you have to be out at work and in the world all day. Why not use Valentine’s Day as a chance to reconnect with what you love about your house as well as your spouse? If your home needs an upgrade, we have lots of appliances and furniture to make it even more comfortable, functional, beautiful and good. Mitten’s Home Appliance has what your house needs.

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