Energy-Efficient Living Benefits You and the Planet

Energy-conscious everyday living has distinct benefits to your home, family, wallet, and surroundings. Making small changes can contribute to a great change, especially when these patterns are sustained over a long period of time.

The obvious benefits include lower utility bills and an increasing return on your investment. In addition, eco-wise options increase your property value, creating a greater value on your home should you seek to sell it in the future. Making earth-friendly choices also increases your personal quality of life.

In an ever-fluctuating market, increasing your efficiency creates a kind of insulation from price fluctuations. These changes also impact the health of the environment, as your appliances are chugging out less pollutants into the atmosphere and burning fewer resources to maintain your living space.

Let’s get greener, together! In no particular order, we present some of the reasons to reduce your carbon footprint at home.


You will absolutely save money, both in the short term and the long run, by switching to green appliances and machines. You will spend far less money on your water, electric, and gas bills. You will be able to save that money for home improvements, college for the kids, or a trip around the world.


Energy Star appliances are quieter than outmoded machines. On-demand heat in the shower is always there when you need it. And heating green is cleaner for your family. You worry about what they put in their bodies, so you choose organic food and limit exposure to chemicals and pollutants. But a major contributor to sickness, allergies, and even terminal diseases is the way we cool and heat our homes. Take care of your family and keep them well. Your home should be clean and comfortable.


Add value to your investment by going green. New homeowners are looking for these features, which will someday be standard. You can be on the vanguard of the green wave and get more from the sale of your house one day in the future. Folks are concerned about the environment, are looking for ways to live smaller and more sustainably. Ensure you maximize your major asset by remaking your home for what is trending now in real estate and the American spirit.


Climate change is altering our world as we speak. It’s happening right before our eyes. There are things we can do; changes we can make in our own small lives and homes that can turn the tide – we hope. What kind of world will our children inherit? It’s not too late, but we can’t be complacent. Change your appliances and take a step toward changing the world for the better. 

Mitten’s Home Appliance has numerous energy-efficient appliance options. Find what works for you.

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