New Year’s Resolutions for the Home

Our beginning-of-year goals often involve getting fit, being healthier, and spending more time with family, which are all praiseworthy resolutions. However, much can be done at home to increase the health, happiness, and quality of family time spent inside those four walls.

Consider decluttering and purging unnecessary items by recycling or donating to local shelters. Have an energy audit done on your home to find places where your efficiency is sub-par, then invest in Energy Star appliances and other eco-friendly choices to help save money and ease up on the environment.

Think about adding new habits to your daily life at home, like banning shoes from the indoors to cut down on dirt, pursuing a reduced-waste lifestyle, or switching to natural cleaning products. You may even decide it’s time to upgrade the family couch to a newer, higher-quality model or give the dining room table an upgrade to promote meals together.

Implementing these small changes will add up to major changes for the better in your daily life at home as a family.


Christmas is over. Take down the tree and garland. Recycle the wrap. Pack away the lights and stockings until next year. Recycle the wrapping paper and start to take stock of your home. Begin 2020 with a clean slate; a fresh canvas to build upon. If you haven’t yet internalized the life-changing magic of tidying up, do a deep dive into all your piled-up possessions. Look closely at your things, decide what sparks joy, and get rid of the rest. You can store it in boxes in the attic to use at a later time or pass down to friends or children. You could take boxes to Goodwill or other organizations that accept items for the needy. Getting rid of the holiday decorations and clutter, and seeing your home bare, scrubbed, and with a critical eye is a great start to the new year.

Energy Audit

Are your home appliances eco-friendly? You could be spending more of your budget than you need to on utility bills and increasing your family’s carbon footprint in the process. It’s a perfect time of year to have an energy audit done on your home. Find out where the leaks are. Perhaps you can improve the way you heat or cool your home. Maybe swap out your toilet or hot water heater. Install an energy-efficient washer and dryer, and upgrade to insulation that is green and clean. There are many changes you can make, large and small, to have an energy-smart home.

Habit Shift

What are the changes you’d like to see implemented in your home? What is bothering you about the layout or the lack of efficient flow? Is there a big project to tackle? Would you like a new laundry room? Do you wish your family had a place for their everyday junk? Maybe you need a new piece of furniture, or a system for recycling or composting. How can you make it feel and look better, so that your house gives you energy and a sense of calm, rather than adding to your stress and feelings of chaos? Start some new habits for the new year and resolve to make a few of them stick.

Something New

If you have a little money left over after Christmas or have budgeted to upgrade a room or your entire home, take the time to carefully select a new mattress, drapes, sofa, or kitchen table. Get something you love, that works in the space, and makes your life and house feel refreshed and beautiful.

Mitten’s Home Appliance is the place to look for upgrading furniture and investing in energy-efficient appliances. Come see what’s new for the year ahead.

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