Decluttering and Deep-Cleaning for the Holidays

It’s that magical time of year when we welcome family, friends and neighbors into our homes in the spirit of the season. A thorough cleaning is an essential part of holiday prep and should be done long before the ham goes in the oven. We think a lot about entertaining at home, and we want to share some tips for getting ready for all the invited and unexpected guests you will receive this December.


There is a lot on your plate during the holidays. It’s essential to plan the time to clean, dividing tasks into manageable segments, starting with major chores and leaving little touch-ups to the last minute. Walk through your home as if you’re a guest and it’s all new to you, finding imperfections that you may be acclimated to or would have otherwise missed. Delegate some of the chores to your family members. You don’t have to do it all on your own. Kids are great at dusting and love to help. Make the cleaning a family effort.


Does your house acquire junk mail, art projects, and other detritus? Add the chaos of the holidays, and there is more clutter than ever on every surface and tabletop. Keep the stuff moving by using a box near the door for gifts that must go out – to teachers, the mailman, the post office. When presents come in the door, move them under the tree. Don’t let wrapping paper and baking sheets pile up on counters; have a place for everything, and put everything in its place at the end of every day, if possible. If things don’t stack up, it’s easier to tidy up at the last minute.


A house needs a deep-cleaning at least four times a year. December is a perfect time to take down the curtains, clean the refrigerator inside and out, and even sort through the junk in the attic and basement. A house gets messy and dirty, and it can be satisfying and cathartic to get in there and use elbow grease and really work out the gunk, bleach the mold, and make the walls gleam.

The Details

Guest rooms will need special attention, including laundering bedclothes, curtains and shower

curtains, scrubbing and stocking the bathrooms, and clearing closets. This part can be fun! Take the time to carefully attend to the room, filling it with fresh flowers, adding a new quilt to the bed, and making it a cozy retreat for winter guests. Around the rest of the house, be sure to make space for extra boots, coats, and other winter accessories, freshen rugs, and clean out the refrigerator and cabinets in order to make space for the approaching feast.

Cleaning your home is a good holiday ritual, to prepare for guests and more possessions. Mitten’s Home Appliance has all the furniture, appliances, and mattresses you may need to host the best holiday ever.

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