Tips for a Calm and Organized Home

Your home is an oasis. Your home is where you restore yourself, where you decompress, and feel secure. Your home should be a calm space, organized, and uncluttered. In recent years the Danish aesthetic and sensory tradition called hygge has been getting a lot of media coverage in the United States. There is no exact translation for hygge, but it means coziness, comfort, and connection. Hygge is about evoking a mood and ambiance.

Another Scandinavian philosophy we draw inspiration from for home design is lagom from Sweden. Lagom means not too little, nor too much. This moderate worldview can be taken into your home to restore peace and balance. This dual mood evokes happiness, and creates a semblance of tranquility at home, where you can rest and recover from the world. We will explain hygge and lagom, and give you tips for incorporating the Scandinavian style into your own sacred space.

A Hygge Home

If you want your house to glow with calm and coziness, to be the place where friends and family gather, and to wrap you up in its arms, you must embrace hygge. Here’s how…

  • Candles: Candles are essential for this aesthetic. Stock up on white candles in every size – tapers, pillars, and tea lights should be strategically placed around your home. Candles allow you to keep harsh lights off and makes every night feel magical. Light candles on the dinner table every night; they need not be saved for special occasions. You can also add twinkly fairy lights to children’s rooms or the mud room for even more whimsy.
  • Plants: If your house is not teeming with plants, you need to add some to increase the hygge of your home. They serve to bring nature indoors, improve the air quality, and provide a sense of organic tranquility.
  • Blankets: Especially during long winters, hygge is about warmth as well as light. Stock up on blankets of every texture, patchwork quilts, thick afghans, and fluffy down comforters.

Your home should be optimally comfortable for you, and for your guests. Hygge recommends connecting with friends and creating a space for love.

Lagom Life

In Sweden, the predominant cultural ethic is lagom, which values moderation above all. Being more organized at home is an important feature of lagom life.

  • Pare Down: You likely have too many things you never use. Purge your home of the unnecessary. Sell unwanted possessions at a yard sale, or give them away to those in need.
  • Organize: If you need to purchase anything, it would be tools for organization. Containers, boxes, baskets, and totes can help you tidy up toys, and put away the items you need but don’t need scattered about. Natural fibers are a good choice. Invest in good canvas and wicker pieces to be very Scandinavian.
  • Repurpose: Remember that lagom is about doing more with less – enough is as good as a feast. So don’t get more, but do more with what you have. Repurpose and find new function in old things.

What room is making you feel anxious? Is it a garage overflowing with sports equipment, or a pantry where you can never find the right spice? Begin with one small area – a shelf, a room, or a floor. And make each choice thoughtful and intentional. You house will soon begin to exude a sense of streamlined calm that will impact all aspects of your life.

When you are shopping for home appliances, come on down to Mitten’s, where we have all the furniture, electronics, and mattresses to improve your home and life’s quality.

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