Designing an Intentional Laundry Room

A laundry room can be a beautiful space that contributes to the function of the home, or a messy corner designated for everyone’s least-favorite chore. To cultivate the former, a few simple additions are key. A shelf in your laundry space and counter over the top of machines provides functional space for folding, stacking, and storing. To keep stacks of laundry separate, flip laundry baskets upside down and attach them to the surface as partial dividers. A drying bar – either metal or wooden – provides space for drying hand-washed items or air-dry pieces. If you’re short on space, a wall-mount collapsible drying rack offers compact function. Baskets (either wall-mounted or stacking) provide storage space and an earthy aesthetic. Multiple laundry baskets keep dirty clothes and linens sorted by color or category, and an ironing board can be hung vertically to maintain a sleek space. Over-the-door storage in the form of hanging shelves or wire baskets is a great way to store practical necessities. Let’s dive into this pile of dirty laundry, and sort through our freshest advice.

A Place for Everything

Never underestimate the power of dedicated space and proper organization in learning to not hate certain chores. If you have the room and resources, add shelving for every little pain point in your laundry routine. Do you have lots of bottles of detergent and small children? Hang your shelves high for storage away from inquisitive little hands. Give yourself a surface for separating and folding, so you do it right away, instead of leaving clean clothes and linens in a heap in a corner of your bedroom. Add baskets to the shelves, where that makes sense, so you can save stain sticks, bluing, and freshening pods as you like. Make labels, if you are so inclined, and keep each item in its designated place.

Lift and Separate

Sometimes, you get almost to the end of the never-ending cycle of a pile of dirty-to-clean laundry, and you just stop there. Life gets in the way. You have to work, sleep, or take the kids to school. And all those clean clothes you worked so hard to wash and dry get wrinkled and unkempt and a little bit musty as they sit in a heap. Fix that with sliding baskets, one (or more) for each family member. Folding  and putting away laundry can be onerous, between sorting socks and deciding which t-shirts belong to which child. Do it straight away and tuck the tidy things into individual drawers in the laundry room, where each person older than age 4 can find their belongings and put them away in their own drawers.

Out to Dry

Do you want to save energy? Are you annoyed when good quality clothes shrink, or become misshapen? Do you loathe that damp and sour smell of wet clothes gone bad, left moldering in the dryer? You can alleviate this burden with the addition of drying racks to your laundry area. Use wooden racks for woolens and delicates. Hang textiles that can air dry easily and lay out cashmere and other knits so they regain their shape after either a hand wash or spin in the machine on the delicate cycle. Let your teen’s jeans air dry, so they aren’t too tight in the morning, and avoid before-school-outfit drama. If it’s summer, consider hanging sheets on the outside line, so they dry in the warm sun with the sweet smell from the fresh wind.

Laundry doesn’t have to be a bother. With the right tools and machinery, you can keep your family in clean clothes with less stress and more cheerfulness. At Mitten’s, we have the appliances that keep your household running smoothly and make your laundry room a joy to spend time in.

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